BV500 and Garcia

BV500 and Garcia

PCT bear canister loan program

Grumpy Bears Retreat

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Loan Program Closed for 2018

The PCT Bear Canister Loan Program has been completed for the 2018 hiking season.  All canisters have been reserved.  We would like to thank everyone for being patient as the selection process is a lengthy and time consuming process.  We look forward to a great hiking season this year and hope you all have a safe and successful trip.  We are getting some weather this spring that will bring beautiful flowers and full streams.  See you all on the Mountain!


Be Bear Aware!

PCT bear canister loan program

If you are planning to hike the PCT north from Kennedy Meadows, you are headed into Bear Country!  Be Bear Aware, there are a lot of "Grumpy" and hungry bears out there.  All hikers are required to carry food and scented items in a bear canisters between Kennedy Meadows (mile 702) in the south and Sonora Pass (mile 1017) in the north and then again in Lassen Volcanic National Park (mile 1343-1363).  If you need a bear canister when you arrive at Kennedy Meadows, Grumpy Bears Retreat has a limited number available to hikers North Bound through the PCT.  If you would like to reserve a canister, fill out the form and you will be considered for the program. (certain conditions apply!) The loner is free, we only require that you send the canister back with a tracking number once you are completed with your adventure across the PCT!

Because we have a limited number of canisters to loan, and is loaned at no cost (except for the cost of return shipping) the bear canister loan program is NOT necessarily a 'first come - first served basis', but rather on a show of 'some' need, however small, in the borrower selection process.   Maybe you are coming from outside the USA or from an area of the country in which you won't have ANY use whatsoever for a bear canister after your PCT thru-hike, or maybe you are hiking to raise funds for a worthwhile cause.  Please provide any details you can in the request notes.    The PCT hiker community is filled with wonderful people.  Because we truly believe this, the loan program is run solely on the HONOR SYSTEM - so please be honest, open, and thorough supplying the requested information below when submitting your loan request.

If you think you qualify for a bear canister loan for your North Bound PCT thru-hike, please fill out the form below.  Provide details and explain your reason to borrow a bear canister for your hike.  In an effort to save time, please provide an active (during & after your hike) email address, your anticipated PCT start date, your 'anticipated/planned' date of arrival at Kennedy Meadows, your intended PCT destination, and your Sierra food ‘plan’ of either going straight through the Sierra or resupplying part way through (commonly out over Kearsarge Pass).  Filling out this form does not automatically reserve a canister but you will be considered for the loaner program.  Each selected individual borrower must agree to an informal 'contract' via email reply before a canister is reserved in your name and the loan is 'finalized'.

Please do not delay until the last moment to request a canister; we would like to arrange and finalize all canister loans by mid March, if possible.

Please download the "informal" contract here.