Hiker Amenities

After hiking 700 miles through the southwest desert from Mexico, you may be ready for a quick refresher before you start your next adventure through the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains.  Or perhaps you have just trekked hundreds of miles through the Sierras and are ready to relax.  Grumpy Bears Retreat will be ready to help you clean up and rest up.  We provide the basic necessities to make your trip just a bit more comfortable.  For more information, please contact us at (760)382-7971

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Cat bathing every few days (if your lucky) is simply not enough when you are on that dusty trail. Sometimes you just need to grab a nice hot shower.  Our continuous on demand water heaters will make sure you have plenty of hot water for a refreshing break.  We will provide you with soap, shampoo and a fresh clean towel.

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We all love mother nature and don't mind a bit of dirt on our clothes, but lets be honest, it's really nice to put on fresh clean clothes once in a while.  Throw those pants, that can probably walk themselves by now, into one of our two washing machines and let those miles melt off.  We can provide laundry detergent and plenty of fresh air to let them dry in the crisp mountain air. 

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You may need a few nights rest before starting up the PCT.  Maybe you just arrived at the 700 mile mark, or just came off the trail and are looking for a place to setup your tent.  We have reserved a designated area for free camping.


Resupply Outpost

Everyone loves to receive packages, especially when your on the trail.  If you would like to have a resupply package sent to you, Grumpy Bears Retreat will take good care of your resupply packages.  Have them send them to-

"In Care Of Grumpy Bear’s Retreat" -  98887 Kennedy Meadows RD - Inyokern CA 93527. 

Also it is a good idea that you get a tracking number on every box.  Sometimes, boxes get lost in the mail, and you want to be sure you know where it ended up.