Kennedy Meadows

98887 Kennedy Meadows Rd, Inyokern, CA 93527



Kennedy Meadows is the gateway for the California Eastern Sierras.  There are many outdoor opportunities available for all kinds of outdoor sports including off roading, hunting, fishing and is the beginning for many hikers starting the Sierra's on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).  Grumpy Bears has been a Kennedy Meadows icon for 70 years serving food for wary hikers, and hungry hunters and fishers.  Hearty breakfasts and juicy hamburgers keep you going on your adventures.  We also have vegan/vegetarian options.



Triple Crown Outfitters —Triple Crown Outfitters is owned and operated by long distance hikers “Yogi” Jackie McDonnell and “Worldwide” Matt Signore.  Jackie is the only female Double Triple Crown hiker with over 20,000 miles of hiking experience.  Matt is a Triple Crown hiker with over 30,000 miles of hiking and a smidge of mountaineering experience.  Triple Crown Outfitters has pared down our product offering to items ideally suited for long distance hiking.

Ducor Telephone — The communication options in Kennedy Meadows are limited due to the remote location.  We have partnered with Ducor telephone to provide our customers with Internet Access for a small fee.



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