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Kennedy Meadows is the gateway for the California Eastern Sierras.  There are many outdoor opportunities available for all kinds of outdoor sports including off roading, hunting, fishing and world famous hiking.  Kennedy Meadows marks the mountainous beginning for many adventure seekers hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), which starts in Mexico and ends in Canada.  Grumpy Bears has been a Kennedy Meadows icon for 50 years serving food for wary hikers, and hungry hunters and fishers.  Hearty breakfasts and juicy hamburgers keep you going on your adventures.  We also have vegan/vegetarian options.

Hiker Amenities

Kennedy Meadows is the 700 mile marker from the southern most point of the Pacific Crest Trail.  If you are passing through the Meadows, you may need to take care of a few things.  Grumpy Bears Retreat will have some basic needs to help you recharge before you start across the Eastern Sierras.  We offer hot showers, laundry facilities, dry camping and will accept your hiker resupply boxes.

PCT Bear Canister Loan Program

If you are planning to hike the PCT north from Kennedy Meadows, you are headed into Bear Country!  Be Bear Aware, there are a lot of "Grumpy" and hungry bears out there.  All hikers are required to carry food and scented items in a bear canisters between Kennedy Meadows (mile 702) in the south and Sonora Pass (mile 1017) in the north and then again in Lassen Volcanic National Park (mile 1343-1363).  If you need a bear canister when you arrive at Kennedy Meadows, Grumpy Bears Retreat has a limited number available to hikers North Bound through the PCT.  If you would like to reserve a canister, fill out the form and you will be considered for the program.  (certain conditions apply!)  The loner is free, we only require that you send the canister back with a tracking number once you are completed with your adventure across the PCT!


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Mountain Beef Jerky


Grumpy Bears Retreat's Famous Mountain Beef Jerky is back!  Owners Scott and Kendra is continuing the tradition of Mountain Beef Jerky made from hand sliced and trimmed beef.  Three intense flavors will include regular, hot and teriyaki.  Regular flavor is available today at Grumpy's with hot and teriyaki on the way.  So come up and get yours today, it's the best in the valley!